Mireya Perez, 15. La Puente,CA, Photobucket


De La Soul Vinyl Giveaway.
Just like I promised you guys, I decided to give away one of my vinyls, “De La Soul Is Dead." I’ll be giving it away to one of my followers that will be chosen completely at random. As long as I see your username in the notes, I’ll automatically write your usernamename down along with a number (this is obviously to my followers so I’ll check whether you’re following me or not.) So feel free to like, reblog, or comment. You’ll only have your name written down once. I’ll choose someone a week from now, December 24, 2013. Stay Diggin’.

oe crew // t-recks

MSK by 4foot2 on Flickr.

L.A.P.D X Los Angeles, CA
"Outside Disturbance"
Photo by Wallah Umoja